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Tuna Float Small Combi

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The Tuna Float, combined with the quick release system "Snap TG release ", is the most innovative, simple and fast solution in the drifting fishing's detectors on the market. Size 110mm * 90mm


The Tuna Float, combined with the "Snap release" quick release system, represents the most innovative, simple and quick solution among drift fishing indicators on the market.

The bright fluorescent colors allow immediate identification of the various lines in the water, and the perfect in-line positioning of the floats, guaranteed by their shapes and geometries, also gives an excellent aesthetic sense to the entire fishing action.

For night drifting there is a housing in the center of the float for the insertion of a phosphorescent starlight. The rounded structure of the Tuna Float small with its 100 grams of weight, gives excellent stability during the fishing action even with very little lead.

After the bite, the float, sliding on the line thanks to the special carabiner, transforms into a very useful line guide signal, visually supporting the angler in the directions taken by the fish during its escapes, especially in poor conditions. visibility, typical of combat on large boats.

Buoyancy is guaranteed up to 400 grams of weight and the ideal weight range varies from 50 to 250 grams. The composition in ABS, an extremely robust and rigid plastic material, gives the product excellent impact resistance.

The Tuna Float and Snap Release system guarantees extraordinary speed of execution both in the fishing action and in its preparation, fundamental in competitions as in amateur fishing and is simple, clean and ecological.

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